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============================================================================== ============================================================================= TABLE OF CONTENTS ============================================================================= QBASIC Introduction Overview Making a program CHAPTERS Chapter 1 - Parts of programming Chapter 2 - Introduction to variables Chapter 3 - Printing data to the screen Chapter 4 - Input from the user into the program Chapter 5 - Cumulative review, comments, END Chapter 6 - Basic IF-THEN-ELSE statements Chapter 7 - SELECT CASE (similar to IF) Chapter 8 - FOR loops Chapter 9 - DO loops, WHILE loops Chapter 10 - More on IF-THEN-ELSE Chapter 11 - CONST, TYPE, intro to DIM Chapter 12 - DIM, single dimension arrays Chapter 13 - Doing basic math Chapter 14 - Simple sounds: BEEP, SOUND, PLAY Chapter 15 - More to do with strings Chapter 16 - More on math: ABS, COS, SIN, etc Chapter 17 - Do it yourself: input from the keyboard Chapter 18 - Keyboard continued: arrow keys Chapter 19 - Intro to files: APPEND, OUTPUT, PRINT Chapter 20 - Reading files: INPUT, LINE INPUT, EOF Chapter 21 - Binary files: GET, PUT, BINARY Chapter 22 - More great stuff with strings Chapter 23 - Intro to graphics Chapter 24 - Drawing primitives APPENDIX Tricks of the trade Variables defined Coordinates Common algorithms Glossary/buzzwords ============================================================================= QBASIC ============================================================================= --- Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------ QBasic is a "simple" language that's been around for many years. The most popular implementations of BASIC dialects for DOS (as far as I know) would be QBasic 1.1 and QuickBASIC 4.5. However, there are many other dialects of BASIC. (By the term "dialects" I am referring to different versions and types of BASIC. These include PowerBASIC, (has almost identical QB syntax, plus some extras), FirstBASIC (a stripped down version of PowerBASIC), VBDOS (Visual Basic for DOS, created by Microsoft), Visual Basic (Windows versions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) also by Microsoft, XBasic, ASIC, Moonrock, Chipmunk (Mac), TrueBASIC (Mac, I think..), BASM286, and more. You can download QBasic 1.1 for free from my site at: The other popular version of QBasic is QuickBASIC 4.5, which is not free like it's cousin version 1.1. --- Overview ---------------------------------------------------------------- QBasic is great for whipping up programs on the fly. It has a great IDE (the interface you use to create programs), great syntax checking (tells you what's wrong, more or less), and is very flexible. Of course, the more complex that you make program, the more complex your code gets, and the resources available to QBasic might not be as plentiful as they once were. That's one of the major downsides to QBasic: memory and speed. Unless you make yo Continua »

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