Samuel Beckett

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Vita e commento dell'opera "Waiting for Godot" (4 pagine formato doc)


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Samuel Beckett
Samuel Beckett was born in 1906 in a Dublin suburb, into a Protestant middle class  family.  He went to the school and he was a brilliant student, after the school he went at Trinity college. After the literary degree in French and Italian , he went to Paris and there he came under the influence of existentialism. He became associated with James Joyce and his circle. When he was in Paris wrote his first work in French that only after some time was translate in English. So he start to wrote many short story and other novels. He was part of a group of playwrights that develop the “theatre of the Absurd”.  

And with this thematic he wrote his masterpiece, “Waiting for Godot”. This work was wrote before in French in 1952 and translated in English only two years later. The work achieved very success, and this theatrical work was the emblems of the theater of the absurd. In the other work Beckett developed other characteristic, such as the characteristic of the naked, helpless, static being and other. Beckett wrote other works after “Waiting for Godot” and the best known are “Endgame”, Krapp’s Last Tape. In 1969 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature before die in 1989.