Storia d'inghiterra da Henry II a Mary I: Breve riassunto della storia d'Inghilterra da Henry II a Mary I in inglese (1 pagine formato doc)

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In 1189 HenryII died and was succered by his elder son,RichardI called the Lion-hearted. But,during the third crusade he was replaced by his younger son,Jhon Lackland.John was known as lackland because he lost Normandy and almost all the other English possession in france and because he levied higher taxes to get money to finance wars.The barons forced him to sign a document,known as Magna Charta in which was written that the king could never teke decisions without the barons autorization. This was the first step toward the constitutional monarchy. Henry VII(1485-1509)was the first king of the Tudor dynasty and came to the English throne when the Wars of Roses ended. He administered the reign like a business man and established a supreme monarchy. His foreign policy aimed at making Englandís trading position stronger. He also encourage the built of a big fleet that increased a lot his military and merchant power. Continua »

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