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New York is an American city. It is situated in the East of America; New York city (official name of the city) isn’t the capital of the New York state, it is Albany, but new York is the best known; New York is the biggest American city, it has 8 million people only in the city, metropolitan area has 21 million people. The city is called “the big apple”; it has this name for two reasons: for some people this name came by Edward S. Martins’ book, "The Wayfaver in New York" where new York is compared to a big Apple in the tree, for other people, because some poor people came to New York and became very rich in few time, new York is compared at a big apple to which you can make a bite.
It is done in 1626 by Dutch, they bought it for $24; Dutch called the city “New Amsterdam”. English occupied the city in 1664 and they called it “New York”. New York was the first capital of the USA.

Today in the city there are some ethnic groups: Italians, Chinese, Africans, Greeks... In New York there are five boroughs
In New York there are some construction and works of art:
Central Park: it is a park, it is very big and very famous, it is called green lungs of New York. It is artificial, there are some lakes and two skating risks, there is a theatre, its road is 10 Km long.
Madison Square Garden: It is a most famous arena, in it there are 20000 people, you can do some sports in it, it is the arena of NBA, boxe, Hockey, Wrestling, and in it there are some concerts, at Madison Square Primo Carnera won his world title in boxe.
Wall street: It is a way of New York, at the number 25 there is the Stock exchange, this name came by the old walls of the city. It is American’s financial centre and has played an important part in the history of New York.

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