Breve ricerca in lingua inglese riguardante il centro di Pisa con descrizioni dei monumenti più celebri (3 pagine formato doc)

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Pisa is one of the most famous towns in Italy.
It's in Tuscany, on the coast of the sea Tirreno, near Livorno and it has 88.300 inhabitants.

The most important monuments are in Piazza dei Miracoli, also called Piazza of the Cathedral, which is the most important tourist center of the town; here you can visit the religious monuments, called "miracles" for their beauty and originality: they are the cathedral, the baptistery, the cemetery and the world famous leaning tower.

The Cathedral

It is called Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and its construction was begun in 1064 by the architect Buscheto di Giovanni.

It is a medieval marble church, built in Pisan Romanesque style, which is divided into five naves with a transept to three naves.

The interior is coated with white and black marbles; there's a gilt panelled ceiling and here we can also find some frescos by famous artists, as those by Andrea del Sarto, Beccafumi and Sodoma. In 1595 a fire destroyed most medieval works of art, but not the mosaic of "Christ in majesty" by Cimabue which survived the fire.

Another masterpieces is the pulpit, sculpted by Giovanni Pisano from 1302 to 1310.

The cathedral façade includes some very rich decorations of multicolour marble and mosaics. The main door of massive bronze melted in the shop of Giambologna is very important

It can be interesting to know some curiosities: one can be that of the incense chandelier in the center of the nave, which is called "Galileo's" as the legend wants the scientist to have formulated the pendulum isochronism theory looking at the swing of this chandelier.

Another legend is that of the stone with the "devil nails": it says that the devil, trying to climb on the cathedral in the attempt to stop its building, left the signs of his nails on the church. Furthermore it says that every time these scratches are counted, they never amount to the same number.