Supersize me

Dossier (in inglese) sul film, e dati sull'obesità negli USA. Morgan Spurlock is the producer/director/protagonist of Super Size Me. (4 pagine formato doc)

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Super Size Me Super Size Me Why are Americans so fat? Morgan Spurlock is the producer/director/protagonist of Super Size Me.
He demonstrated that a man can live for a month on fast food alone but… with which consequences? He often went to the doctor and he had serious health problems. The film also explores the horror of school lunch programs, declining health and physical education classes, food addictions and the extreme measures people take to lose weight and regain their health. Super Size Me is a 2004 documentary film, directed by and starring Morgan Spurlock, an independent United States filmmaker. It follows a period in which he eats only McDonald's fast food, three times a day, every day, for thirty days, eating everything on the McDonald's menu at least once—and stops exercising regularly—and it documents the physical and psychological effects this has upon him.
In addition, Spurlock explores the corporate influence of the fast food industry and how it encourages poor nutrition for its own profit. Spurlock, age 33, was healthy and slim, with a body mass of 185.5 lb (84.1 kg). Spurlock's height is 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m). After thirty days, he gained 24.5 lb (11.1 kg), an increase of 13% of his body mass. He also experienced mood swings, sexual dysfunction, and nearly catastrophic liver damage. It took several months to lose the weight he gained and return to normal. The driving factor for Spurlock's investigation was the increasing spread of obesity throughout U.S. society, which the Surgeon General has declared "epidemic", and the corresponding lawsuit brought against McDonald's on behalf of two overweight girls, who, it was claimed, became obese as a result of eating too much McDonald's food. Spurlock points out that, although the lawsuit against McDonald's failed, much of the same criticism of the tobacco companies applies to fast food franchises. The experiment As the film begins, Spurlock is physically above average, as attested to by three doctors he enlists to track his health during the month-long binge. All three predict the "McMonth" will have unwelcome effects on his body, but none expect anything too drastic, one citing the human body as being "extremely adaptable". Spurlock starts the month with a McBreakfast near his home in Manhattan, where there is one McDonald's permi (0.6 km). The month also sees an increase in his use of taxis, as he aims to keep the distances he walks in line with the 2500 steps walked per day by the average American. Spurlock has several rules which govern his eating habits: He must eat three McDonald's meals a day; He must sample every item on the McDonald's menu at least once; He cannot purchase anything not on the menu including aspirin; Bottled water is on the menu, so he may drink it. He must "Super Size" his meal whenever the option is specifically verbally offered (and only then). Day 2 brings Spurlock's first Super Size meal, which he spends approximately half an hour eati