Le attrazioni di Londra

Brano descrittivo sulle attrazioni londinesi (Big Ben, Parliament House, Tower Bridge, British Museum, Parliament Square) e breve descrizione di Londra. Tutto in inglese (3 pagine formato doc)

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London is a big city in the United Kingdom, it has over  7,500,000 people, and it has a lot of attraction.
The big number of attraction is the cause of the twenty million of tourists in the 2011. The attraction in London are famous in over the world: there is “London Eye”, “Trafalgar Square”, the famous “Big Ben” and the “Parliament House”, the “British Museum”, and many other…
The five attraction in London which I talk about are: Big Ben, Parliament House, Tower Bridge, British Museum and Parliament Square.

The Parliament House was build in the 1840, after a fire that destroyed the palace which was before. The style of this building is Gothic, built by Charles Barry and A.W.
Pugin. It’s located on the north shore of the River Thames
This building was chosen as the seat of the British  Parliament, British Colonial empire already. This palace is composed of over a thousand rooms (including the House of Lords and House of Commons).
This building host one of the most important tower of the World: the St. Stephens Tower, or Big Ben.

This tower is high 96 meters, was opened on the 1859, and was build in Neo-Gothic Style. There are two theories about the name of the tower: the first say that the name comes from the works supervisor, Sir Benjamin Hall, the second theory tells that the name comes from Benjamin Caunt, a heavyweight boxing champion who fought his last fight in 1857.