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EMILIA ROMAGNA Esempio di brochure in inglese di una regione EMILIA ROMAGNA The enchanting region of Emilia Romagna will enjoy your holiday discovering suggestive lands that boast traditional delicatessen, art treasures and important events famous all over the Italy.
Placed in the north of Italy this region honour their illustrious sons such as Giuseppe Verdi and seigniory of Malatesta and preserve the outstanding patrimony of Byzantine mosaics and the most ancient Christians basilicas. You can visit Bologna, the chief town founded by Estrurians that houses the trade fair about motors, building and book trade, and along the ancient via Emilia it follows one after the other the mains cities of the region like Piacenza, Parma, Modena, Forlì and Rimini, as well as the historical city of Ferrara and Ravenna. Every year, from April to September Ravenna commemorate Dante, the famous poet buried in this city and it play host to important events and village festivals, for example fish, mushrooms or truffles festivals.
There are many sport facilities: golf courses, trekking on the Apennine, riding bicycle, beach volleyball on the Riviera, but no journey is complete without tasting the regional speciality such as the famous tortellini, the savoury lasagne and the tasty mortadella of Bologna. You can easily get there by train and it is connected with the airport by coach. For more information you can contact us on the net and you can write to the tourist Board..