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Amleto di William Shakespeare: commento in inglese.

Written between 1599/1600, this tragedy is put, at first, in a crucial period of the English politics history, when the end of the Elisabeth’s reign brings uncertainty. But the work is linked to a greater crisis of politics: in fact it is started in England the passage from the Middle Age to the Modern Age, a crisis that is the torment where is born the modern man. At the matter of fact Hamlet talks about this torment; Hamlet’s character is the personification of the doubt, and he is at centre of the drama also when he isn’t present.
Then, when Hamlet starts to speak with his language that has the hard of the truth against the falsehood, everything is subordinate to him. Taked to Hamlet, the question about the Right and the moral attitude to have results very opened, and it touches Good and Bad, the life and her origin, what is God and death. All Hamlet is a big question, and represents the modern man, who continually makes questions on the meanings of world and things. At the matter of fact the structural principle of the work is this: to make questions ourself and on the other and on the world.


The Hamlet’s doubt was born to lack of existential and metaphysical certainly of the character, because Hamlet is the modern man who has doubts because he makes himself questions; the man who is curious. To realize this suggestion, Shakespeare uses three big themes: the revenge, the incest and the love, proceeds to the Greek Myth and the Revenge Tragedy. His mother is at the centre of the incest theme; Hamlet, at the matter of fact, sees the marriage of his mother like a lack of respect for his father, and probably he is jealous, because his uncle enters in his Oedipus complex and completes a terrible triangle. The protagonists of the revenge theme are the Hamlet’s uncle and the Hamlet’s mother: Hamlet is corroded to the suspect on the death of his father (we can’t be know the truth) and sees in all minimal details signs of a conspiracy. At last, the theme of the love is  very secondary, because Hamlet has an incapacity to love; he sees all from his viewpoint, and he can’t look like a lover, but at last he sees the purity of Ofelia’s love, and finish is search. The love is the arriving point of the man.