Elizabeth: analisi del film in inglese

Analisi del film Elizabeth (scene, personaggi, ecc.) visto in lingua originale e scritto in inglese (3 pagine formato doc)

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Elizabeth : Elizabeth : outline of the main scenes from the film first scene 1554 :burning of three Protestants as heretics: the atmosphere is gloomy and tense .
second scene :Norfolk , one of the Queen `s counsellors, asks one of the Queen's ladies whether the news of the queen's pregnancy is true. The lady tells him that there are all the symptoms , still everybody knows that the queen and the king haven't slept together for a long time Mary , Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon's daughter ; is on the throne. This episode clearly shows the atmosphere of falseness, ambiguity and suspicion dominating at court . third scene From the start Norfolk is presented as powerful and ambiguous , very ambitious too.
He tries to convince the queen that all her troubles with the Protestant are due to the presence of her half-sister Elizabeth ( daughter of Henry and Ann Boleyn ) . He suggests killing her . However all the other counsellors seem to think that it's better to give Elizabeth a fair trial before killing her , to avoid making a martyr of her. The Queen is show as an unbalanced and frail woman , who has no help from her spanish husband ( he doesn't utter one single word) . Presentation os Elizabeth The first contrast between the two women is given through the setting : the darkness and over-bearing atmpsphere of the castle is in striking contrast with the bright and lively situation Elizabeth is living : She's dancing in the open air with some ladiesaand, altough nothing is said it is immediately clear that she is deeply in love with Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, who returns her love. The pleasant atmosphere is interruppted by the threatening arrival of some knights who order her to follow them to the Tower since she accused of treason.. In the Tower : Elizabeth is treated like an heretic . sheis finally brought in front of her half-sister who is desperate because she's discovered that what she thought to be a baby is actually a cancer and her husband has left her. The Virgin Knowing that she is about to die , Mary wants to speak to Elizabeth : Mary offers her to save her life if Elizabeth promises to keep the Catholic faith alive : “DO not take away from the people the consolation of the Blessed Virgin , Our Holy mother “. The image of the virgin will be recurrent in the film . Its meaning will be clear at the end . From this scene Elizabeth shows her determination and strong character. Walshingham: from the moment he's introduced it is clear that his return form France , where he had been exiled for political reasons , is feared by Norfolk and his allies . at the beginning he seems an unscrupolous person, not to be trusted, ready to kill. Sir William + Alvaro della Quadra , Spanish ambassador , = from the moment he is introduced ,Sir William, who's obviously in favour of Elizabeth's reign, is worried about descendancy and he insists Elizabeth should get married and have children. ( her suitor is in this case the Spanish king who is