Esempio di descrizione di una pubblicità in inglese

Questo è l'esempio di una descrizione di una pubblicità in inglese (con immagine). Letta e corretta (2 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di melethiel
This is an advert of a brand of sunglasses.
This is an advert from a magazine. The brand is ray-ban and the product is a pair of spectacles colour pink for a collection all in the feminine. The sunglasses are worn by a beautiful girl with blond and long hair bounds-behind the head. The advert in nice. It works because it’s attractive. It attractive the customer’s attention because in the background it has got it uses a visual of skyscrapers positioned in vertically and the visual reflection. The claim, or slogan, “change your view” gets the interest of the customer because it is very incisive, to wear a pair of these sunglasses is to see the world in a new way. This advert creates the desire to buy the product both for the slogan and for the very nice visual. The product is distributed in all the shop of optics, for information it is possible to visit the web site www .
ray – can . com writer in the advert. The product is aimed at a customers young and very energetic. The colours used are: brown dark and light, pink, grey, green, light blue and red. The colours of the vest is the same at the glasses. The brand and the slogan are written in white in a red square. I find that the style is too modern and I would change the model with me, that is my image.