Francesco Totti

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Francesco Totti is an italian soccer player.
He was born in Rome in 1976. He has  played in Roma football club  since 1993 and he is its current captain.  He is a striker. I think that he is one of the greatest football player in the world , in fact he was added in FIFA 100 (the group of the 100  best soccer player in the world ). He started playing for Roma in 1993 when he was sixteen years old , a year after he made his first goal with the shirt of the team. Year to year he become stronger and stronger and was defined “a great talent” by everyone.

 In 1999 Fabio Capello became the coach of the team and he made Totti his most trusted player in the team . At the end of that season Totti was named best italian player and captain of his team.
In 2002 Roma won the major league with Totti as captain after twenty years. 

That is why Totti has been named many times the best italian player. In 2006 he had a very serious accident at his left leg that threatened to keep him away from the world cup, but at the end he recovered and  helped his mates to win the world cup. In these years Totti has helped Roma to reach great levels . Now he is 35 years old, but despite his age he is still important for his team. He is an idol for Roma fans and his nickname is The 8th emperor of Rome.

I like him because he has played for Roma for twenty years with the same commitment he had when he was a kid , he has never been changed by money and popularity and although he had rich offers from other major clubs, he has always been faithful to Roma.