Kim di R. Kipling - Esercizi del libro Blackcat

Esercizi del libro "Kim" dell'edizione scolastica Blackcat / Cideb (10 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di jass994
1)    How important is friendship to you? Friendship is very important for me.
To have friends is the best thing in the world.
2)    How would you define a good friend? I think that a good friend is a sincerely,
3)    Are good friends generally similar to each other or different? They are sometimes similar to each other and sometimes different. It depends.
4)    Have you ever read a good book or seen a good film about friendship? Yes , I have. I’ve just read the Kite Runner. It’s a wonderful book.
I recommend it.

1)    Why were the documents in the bag so important? Because two of them showed that his father had been a member of a special club, the third was Kim’s birth certificate.
2)    What was the bull on a green field? It was the God of nine hundred wonderful devils.
3)    What would the colonel do for Kim? He will make Kim a better man than his father.
4)    What secret missions did Kim do? He often went on missions to deliver letters or spy.
5)    What was the lama like? The lama was a old man dressed in red. He was almost six feet tall.
6)    Where was he from? He was from the Hills. He was Tibetan.
7)    What was his religion? He was Buddhist.
8)    What was the Wonder House? It was a big building where you can see hundreds of sculptures and picture from Buddhist temples.
9)    What did the lama want to know about Lahore? He wanted to know if he had to beg quietly or speaking in the city of Lahore.
 Es. 2 pag. 16
1)    Although the lama looked like an old Chinese man, he was really from Tibet.
2)    Although he often wore Hindu or Muslim clothing, Kim was actually English.
3)    Although you do not have to pay to go in, the Wonder House is a wonderful place.