My future

Relazione in lingua inglese riguardante il futuro (2 pagine formato doc)

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My name is Carla, I’m fourteen years old and I live in Formia a small city near the sea.I’m going to the Vitruivio Pollione junior high school.I’m at the third year so in the summer I have to do my final exam…I think it’s very difficult but I’m sure that I will pass it.I have to study very hard because I want to continue to study in a high school!!! For my future I choosed the classical high school where I will go for the next 5 years.A lot of schools came to show us their characteristics.Before I didn’t know which school was good for me but in the end I choosed the “liceo classico V Pollione”.A lot of people said me that it’s a good school and I’m going to go there because I also like humanistique subjects like Italian.
There are a lot of laboratories,a gym and very comfortable classrooms.I will continue to study Maths,Italian,English,History, Science and geography I hate.
I’m also going to study new subjects like Biology,Latin,Chemistry and Greek .My sister who study these subjects say me that they are very difficult!!!the high school is near my house in fact it takes five minutes by car and fifteen minutes on foot.I will go there with others two friends .Their names are Rebecca Raffaele, we’re coming to the section