I romani in Gran Bretagna

Uno schema in inglese riguardante il periodo d'isediamento e l'opera di civilizzazione dei romani nell'isola oltre manica fa colpo sui prof non all'avanguardia ma anche sugli altri fa un bell'effetto (1 pagine formato doc)

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Untitled Romans invaded Britain British Celts helped Gaulish Celts against Romans Because Britain was a very productive land Julius Caesar (100-44 AD) Claudius (10BC-54AD) Hadrian (76-138AD) Honorius (384-423AD) In 55 BC In 56 BC He didn't succeed in conquering the country The conquest was merely nominal In fact When Caesar went back the British was left to itself In 43-47AD Romans conquered Britain bringing there Their language Their civilisation Latin The name ”Britain” comes from the Greco-Roman word Pretani Introducing the word “castra”: accampamenti Now remained as ending name of some towns (…caster,…chester,…cester) Characteristic of roman administration There were three kinds of towns In 409 he withdrew his soldier to Rome to defend it from the barbarian raiders The Celts were left alone to fight against the barbarian raiders from Germany… So Coloniae Municipiae Civitates Ordered to build a wall To keep out the raiders from the North To mark the border between England Scotland Because Romans hadn't succeeded in conquering the north area Enrico D'Onofrio .