La sirenetta

Appunti in inglese sul film di Walt Disney, "La sirenetta": trama, personaggi, temi e stile (1 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di cussola88
Ariel was 16 years old, she dreamt of knowing the world of humans and she fell in love with Eric, a prince. Her father, a king called Tritone, didn’t want that she went on the land.
So, Ariel went to a sea witch called Ursula, who gave her legs in change of her voice. Ariel had two best friends: a little fish called Flounder and a red crab, Sebastian. With their help, she abandoned her house to conquer the prince in a competition against time. After many adventures, the beautiful princess married the prince and they lived all the rest of their lives in great happiness. The story teaches that we must believe in our dreams because they can begin in reality..