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The making of a film
A film is a cinematographic work and its production is very expansive and difficult.
The filmmakers usually start from one subjects. It's a short story that illustrates the plot.. After there is the treatment, the real story of the film, where describe the characters. Finally, there is writing the screenplay, which is the complete description of the film: every scene and every dialogue.

Then, begins processing: scenes are shot with special cameras as of this (Camera picture). Have you got a camera? Can you make videos with this camera?
-Yes I have and I can make videos.  I' ve got a camera, is smaller than professionals but is very good. My dad bought it when I was little.

Production is the last part of the filmmaking.
After there is the distribution of the film by independent agencies.

The 3D
Three-dimensional films are a kind of cinema projection and promote a stereoscopic view of the movie. This technique requires a dual-lens camera (Dual-lens camera's picture), which shoot slightly different positions.
To watch this kind of film, you need to wear a pair of anaglyphic glasses. (Anaglyphic glasses' picture). The lenses of these glasses must be different colors, but the colors must be complementary. For example red and cyan.