Trama di Othello by Shakespeare (0 pagine formato )

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Othello is the only Shakespearean tragedy that starts and finishes during the night.
The story takes place in Venice where Othello, the black general of the Venetian army, has married the beautiful heiress Desdemona.
Iago, Othello’s friend, pretends great loyalty to Othello but plots a cruel mockery to express his power.


In fact, he is a manipulator, his project is to cause Othello’s jealousy and he uses his powerful insecurity as a means to instantly change Othello’s reception of Desdemona.


Iago sows doubt in Othello’s mind about a probable love affair between his wife and Cassio and moreover, Iago with the help of his wife, Desdemona’s attendant, creates evidence of Desdemona’s unfaithfulness.
Iago succeeds in arousing irrepressible jealousy in Othello who at the end kills Desdemona, satisfying his honour, but when he understands his fault, he stabs himself. Iago is imprisoned.