A certain colouring of immagination

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William Wordsworth: A CERTAIN COLOURING OF IMAGINATION William Wordsworth: A CERTAIN COLOURING OF IMAGINATION This extract is taken from the preface to the second edition of Lyrical Ballads, regarded as the Manifesto of English Romanticism.
In this passage Wordsworth expressed a new concept of poetry, based to the real and authentic evry day's life. For the poet the subject of the poetry are low and rustic life because in that condition of life all elements co-exist in a state of greater simplicity. The language of poetry is simple but durable and purified: in this way his poetry can be knew from more people, in fact the poet doesn't use philosophical language. Then Wordsworth reflects to the very identity of the poet: he's a man speaking to men but compared with common men the poet has more sensibility, enthusiasm and comprehensive soul but also has a greater knowledge of human nature.
The poet analyses also the process which must follow for makes a poetic opera. First of all the poet lives a sensory experience, then he makes emotion. In a second time, in tranquillity, with the memory, kindred the same emotion and at last he writes a poem. In this passage we can be read the theme which caracterize the Romantic poetry: an exaltation to the nature which is inseparable to man.