Riassunto in inglese sul romanzo Frankenstein di Shelley

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Riassunto sull'intero romanzo Frankenstein. Le riflessione sui livelli narrativi e sullo stato d'animo del personaggio (3 pagine formato doc)

Riassunto in inglese sul romanzo Frankenstein di Shelley - Frankenstein is a novel written by Mary Shelley in 1818.
It is considered one of the earliest examples of science fiction and takes place in the 18th century. It’s written in epistolary form, namely, it documents a correspondence between Robert Walton and his sister.
The narration starts when Walton’s crew, during an expedition in the north pole,  spots a sledge driven by a strange creature. A few minutes later, they also spot and rescue a man who was exhausted and almost frozen to death. His name was Frankenstein and he would tell his story shortly after, mainly to save Walton from his own ambition.

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The story started back in Ingolstadt.
Frankenstein was a student who, inspired by a professor, dedicated months to discover the secret behind life itself.
Once the secret was discovered, he got overwhelmed with work and spent a lot of time assembling different dead body parts in the attempt to create a full corpse and reanimate it.
Before long, he succeeded but, in spite of his results being outstanding from a scientific point of view, he felt disgusted and fled terrified by the creature’s hideous appearance.

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