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Gandhi: “A life for peace”.

Mohandas Gandhi, know as “Mahatma” was born in 1869 in India.
He was shocked by the treatment of Indian immigrants in South Africa. He lived in South Africa for twenty years , where he fought for the civil rights of Asian immigrants and local African people.
Gandhi was sent to prison for his struggles against apartheid.
When World War One broke out in 1914, he went back to India and promoted many campaigns of civil disobedience to force the British to leave his country.
One of the most famous non-violent campaigns become know as the “Salt March” in 1930, when thousands of participants walked 300km to the cost and symbolically made on their own salt from the sea water in a peaceful protest against British taxes on salt. Gandhi was arrested but after his discharge from prison, Mahatma Gandhi began a series of hunger strikes to convince the British government to grant more rights to the Indian people.

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In 1931, he went to London to press for independence of India.
Gandhi worked for peaceful coexistence between Hindus and Muslims.

In 1945, Britain gave independence to India and formed to new independent states : India and Pakistan.
India was predominantly Hindu while Pakistan was Muslims. This was called “partition”. Gandhi was opposed to this partition and he fasted in an attempt to stop the violence in Calcutta and Delhi.
Mahatma Gandhi was murdered by a Hindu extremist on January 30,1948.

Gandhi e la decolonizzazione indiana: riassunto