My passion for fashion

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Appunto di mosyta

My love for clothes

Since I was a child, I really liked playing with my dolls, and I always did games about clothes and shops.

I usually put a doll on the chair, near some clothes, and after I used other dolls like buyers.

I spended a lot of time with my dolls, and I loved them.

My mum bought a toy for me where there was a doll and some materials.

I had to use this materials to do dresses for the doll.

It was wonderful

When,Where,With ..

I usually buy my clothes on Saturday in the afternoon, because in the morning I go to school.

I go out with my parents, and we finish when the shops are closing, because I love classic things, while my mum prefer clothes trendy and for teenagers.

I like simple dresses, classic trousers and particular, but simple t-shirts, and I love white shoes for the summer.

I buy the same shoes every year, because I think they're fantastic.

I use to buy my clothes at the high shop, and I don't like markets or malls, because I think there, there are only cheap and not good clothes.

I never buy my clothes with my friends, because I think my parents're fashionable and I love their style.