Deplian in Inglese di Benvenuto in Puglia

Depliant di benvenuto in Puglia (in lingua Inglese)con la descrizione (in Ingl.)di alcuni dei Luoghi Puglesi più attraenti da visitare. (file .doc, n.pagine 13) (0 pagine formato doc)

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Depliant di Benvenuti in Puglia in Inglese.
Apulia is located on the adriatic and on the ioniam sea in the South-East of the Italian peninsula. Castel del Monte (Andria) The most impressive and best-Known of the Apulia castles. In 1240 Frederik II began the construction of his hunting residence this superb, octagonal castle with towers, also octagonal, at its eight corners. Cattedrale di San Nicola (Trani) It is the famous monument in the small city of Trani. It is devoted to San Nicola Pellegrino. The construction, initiated in 1096 was finished in the XIII century. Its prospectus is the most imposing.
Built to a few footsteps from the sea, it constitutes an ancient beauty. The Trulli, called Casedde (little houses) by local people, are unique Buildings: they are entirely built with the local limestone, used also for the whitewash covering their walls. Unfortunately, the local master masons able to build a trullo are gradually disappearing. A trullo is like a doll's house: tiny and neat, cool and very simple. Once only farmers used to live in them, today they are increasingly used as Summer houses. Realizzato da Paolo Conforti