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Billy Elliot di Marina Sambiagio The protagonist is Billy Elliot an eleven year-old boy, (motherless, with a difficult family situation) who realizes his love of dancing. Mrs.
Wilkinson, a teacher of dancing, aware of Billy' s talent, decides to give him dancing lessons in order to prepare him for the auditions of the Royal Ballet School of London. The good results at the Royal Ballet School are a launching pad for Billy who, after getting over a discouraging period and mistrust of his family and, above all, of his father, will reach his personal success. Fifteen years later, in fact, his father, his brother and his friend of infancy will applaud him as the first ballet dancer in a production of the West end of London. Billy Elliot, the screen debut of British theater director Stephen Daldry, follows in the footsteps of Brassed Off and The Full Monty by combining the kitchen sink realism of a Ken Loach film with an uplifting tale of salvation through the performing arts.
It's also a poignant and often very funny coming-of-age drama enlivened by young Jamie Bell's star-making performance in the title role. The story takes place in 1984 against the backdrop of the coal-miner's strike in Durham County, England. It's a place where life is hard and bleak, and men spend their spare time getting pissed in pubs and boxing at the local gym. Imagine, then, the horror of Billy's gruff but basically good-hearted father (Gary Lewis) when he finds out that his adolescent boy, showing no talent as a pugilist, has secretly taken up ballet instead. Billy's mentor is a chain-smoking ballet mistress, superbly portrayed by Julie Walters, who sees the spark of raw talent in the boy and risks the wrath of Billy's homophobic dad and older brother (Jamie Driven) in order to nurture it. Making deft use of period music, with an emphasis on T. Rex, Billy Elliot celebrates the power of song and dance to liberate a person from the constraints of poverty and narrow-mindedness. Yet at the same time, Daldry finds beauty in the beleaguered mining town, with its stark light: When Billy, exhilarated by dancing, rushes through narrow streets pitched precipitously above a shimmering, pewter sea, the image reflects the inner state of a young hero poised to soar. Kryssa Schemmerling Muze Description - Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell) is an 11-year-old boy living in northeast England in the mid-1980s. While his gruff father and brother are taking part in a massive coal miners strike, Billy goes to boxing lessons and furtively plays his dead mother's piano out of loneliness. One day Billy notices a ballet class nearby. Intrigued, he begins practicing and taking lessons from Mrs. Wilkinson, a tough-minded teacher. Billy begins to fall in love with ballet but keeps his lessons a secret from his family, who struggle to put food on the table while the strike drags on. When his father finally learns the truth, a family crisis erupts, and Billy struggles to prove that dancing is more than just a ho