Appunti in inglese su gli incoterms: definizione, modi di trasporto, tabella incoterms (3 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di nataesaurita
Incoterms is the short form for International Commercial Terms.
These standard commercial terms have been devised (escogitare) by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to avoid misunderstanding between buyer and seller when drawing up (redigere) a contract of sale. Each of these incoterms clearly states (stabilire) where the buyer’s and the seller’s responsability starts and ends as far as (x quanto riguarda) risks in the transport of the goods are concerned. It also states which charges (spese) are included in the price of the goods and which must be paid by the buyer. There are 13 incoterms from groupo E to group D.
E: the buyer bears all costs and risks D: the seller bears all costs and risks In between there are many different possibilities. The name of the place of destination must be written after the three-letter acronym.