Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens: Il suo realismo, i suoi personaggi e il suo senso dell'umorismo nelle opere (in inglese) (1 pagine formato doc)

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CHARLES DICKENS CHARLES DICKENS REALISM Dickens is defined as a realistic novelist, in fact he has a typical repugnance for a rappresentation of sexuality and depravation typical of Victorian Age.
He's meticulous about his detail, especially when he describes London slums. The Only crime in Dickens is a murder, his realism is gave by his sensational description like the death of Sickes in Oliver Twist. HIS CHARACTERS Dickens' characters born by an observation of real people. They may be divided into good and evil, but everyone is considered individual. Dickens describes them like exaggerate and grotesque but in a best way.
He's also an observer of eternal qualities of people. Thanks to his representation of simple characters and his sense of humor, he is unsurpassed. HUMOR. Each Dickens's characters have his sense of humor. We can find this in his characters, dialogue and in whole episodes. He's able to see the comic aspects of lower - middle class and can be subtle and gentle but also paradoxical and sarcastic. DICKENS' LIMITATIONS AND MERITS We can find some negative and positive aspects in Dickens' writing like: His plots aren't real organic and are to full of unhappy events; His characters are superficially portrayed; His sentimentalism and pathos are often excessive; His comic scenes are often too melodramatic; His imagination has created a great number of incidents and situations; His characters cover a wide range of people; His plots can catch the reader's attentions; His style is fluent and effective; His occasional use of symbolism catchs the attention of audience.