The Chimney Sweeper di Blake

Appunti, analisi e traduzione della poesia di William Blake (4 pagine formato zip)

Appunto di adadf94
Peculiarity regarding the enlightenment were reason, balance, elegance, restraint of feelings and sentiments.
The following period instead moves to (almost )the contrary, Romantici
sm revalued love, passion, but not only love, all the sentiments such  as fear and emotions.  Society accepts rules which restraint social behaviour.
Rousseau had anticipated somehow the new attitude towards society people stating that children are born pure, and they are turned nasty by society. Society forced the individuals to change their own nature, this was at the base of Blake’ s productions.
Blake was mainly a painter, not only a poet. Among the other works he supposed to (verbo )collections of poems which are complementary the one to each other “Songs of innocence” and “Songs of experience” where the same thing is seen from different points of view.
(non ha molto senso questo collegamento ma vabbè)
For example: lamb and lion, also virtually they are opposite.
The lamb is set in a green valley, nice weather, symbolizes peace, innocence, tolerance. Also the colours fit the situation, everything contributes to reach a picture relating to the innocence. Of course there are other references regarding the lamb: the lamb not only symbolizes the child but also the poet and Jesus.
The opposite is represented by the lion and also the setting and the colours and also the sound are different. So, instead of the valley there is a dark forest, instead of white, green and light blue we have black, instead of peace, tolerance and nonaggression we have corruption, lust and so on.