We are seven di Wordsworth

Analisi e traduzione della poesia (3 pagine formato doc)

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One of the features of Romanticism, was that of considering life and death, entwined into an everlasting(never-ending) cycle, because nothing goes missed in Nature.
Nothing is wasted. This concept is especially expanded in one of Shelley's odes. But from a mystical and emotional point of view, is expanded by Wordsworth, in the poem we are going to read. The poem has the form of a Ballad. The romantics went back to the Middle Ages as a source of inspiration, therefore they also retrieved(recuperarono) Ballads. Pag 139 We are Seven.
Characteristics of Ballads: They're dialogues. They are made up of stanzas.
Beside rhyme, they usually presents alliterations, repetitions. They presents also Ghosts, bloodshed, passions, gross things. Ballads stars in the middle of the event and the previous story is told by means of flashbacks.
Back to the poem: it began with a rhetorical question, which is the true meaning of the Ballad. What could know a Child, which has always been the symbol of innocence, about death? The narrator is the poet. They are in the country, in contact with Nature. The pictorial image of the girl is that of an Angel.
11)Fair: inteso come leale e chiaro
12)Role of beauty as a sort of inducing pleasure (? 04:55) Reference to beauty, as a means of consolation.
Appearance is not important, she is anyway beautiful . This line remains us of “at that sight a poet could not but be gay”