Daniel Defoe

Vita, descrizione di Robinson Crusoe e A journal of a plague year (1 pagine formato doc)

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Daniel Foe probably was born in 1660 by a Protestant Dissenter family.
Early, he change his name to the more fashionable Defoe. He attended a school for Dissenter, than started to travel in Europe.
When he returned to England he became a merchant but his business failed so he started to writing; he was very interested in politic so he wrote a political pamphlets, in those writing he critical the political institution and Church. He was fascinated by trade and he travelled for a lot of mercantile projects; this business failed and he found himself in a financial difficult. When he was sixty years old, he wrote a novel, and in 1719 he publish his masterpiece “Robinson Crusoe” and than “A Journal of Plague Years”.
He dead in 1731.
Robinson Crusoe is the story of a man that shipwrecked on a desert Island. The source of the story is a real event: in the 1909 a Scottish seaman, Alexander Selkirk, that shipwrecked in island in the South of America where he  lived for five years, was rescued. Robinson Crusoe was a man that left1 his family to travel by sea. In the period of slavery in Morocco there was a first shipwreck but not put him off2. He was rescued by a Portuguese ship, and went to Brazil where he became3 a rich planter, but early he left the Brazil for started another voyage in Guinea, but there was a terrible storm, Robinson was the only survivor. He shipwrecked on a desert island where he stayed for 28 year; on the island he met4 a cannibal that he called Friday. When Robinson was rescued the island was colonized.