Tutto in inglese: localizzazione, climi, territori, monti, religione, popolo, storia e origini dell'isola e della popolazone (1 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di martina
Australia is a huge continent n the southern emisphere between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It is situated in 10° north 47°, has got 7777777 sq km and has got 19-20 million of population. There is a variety of climates: arid, semi-arid, temperate in south-east and tropical in the north.
It’s a land of great contrasts. There are unique animals like the kangaroo, the platypus, the emu and rare plants. In the north there is the great coral barrier and Queensland is considered the surfists’ paradise. It is divided in six territories: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the northen territory, and capital territory. The capital city is Canberra, and the other cities are: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Has got an highest mountain, Mont Kosciusko, the longest river is Murray-darling. The most important religion are Anglican and roman catholic. The Australians are an extraordinary mix of people, the main languages of aboriginal population..