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Riassunto sulla letteratura inglese durante l'età vittoriana: Moby Dick di Melville e Il ritratto di Dorian Gray di Oscar Wilde (2 pagine formato doc)

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The victorian age. It was a complex and contradictory era because on the one hand it was progressive, infact there were great social reforms but on the other hand it was characterized to poverty, injustice and social problems.
The term “Victorian” derives to Queen Victoria who reigned for many years infact her reign is the longest in the history of England.

It started with the first Reform Act in 1832 this reform extended the vote to all male members of the middle classes. That period was characterized to economic expansion, political development and social reforms.
In the Victorian era we have scientific and technological developments and this progress was symbolised by Great Exhibition that spread in all empire the economic situation of England, infact, it made manifest Britain’s leading political and economic power.
About political development we can say that in Victoria’s reign alterned his governments two political parties: liberal and conservatives. To contribute economic development there was some reforms, for example the repealed of Corn Laws that maintained high the price of corn; and the People’s Charter in which people asked universal male suffrage, as a result working class movement, the Chartism.


The Victorian compromise. Queen Victoria became an example of life, a symbol, a myth infact the middle classes developed her same moral and religion opinion. The Victorian are great moralist, infact they believed in same values for example respectability, family, work, sex etc. and proposed a strict code of values summarized in the Victorian Compromise, this compromise consist in an agreement between religion and science because the moralisers said that human and cultural values can be overcame with raison (the majority part of them believed still in materialism). For example Charles Darwin’s on “the origin of species” said that the man is a result of human process that fights to survive. So he didn’t consider the creation given by the Bible because it is weakest, he said.

Età vittoriana: riassunto


The Victorian novel. All this economic, politic and social situation influenced the literature. The aspect more utilised was the novel that become a mirror of society infact the novelist spoke in own novel about this progress and changes of society. At first time it was a communion of interest between writers and readers because they have the same values: optimism, conformism, philanthropy. The novel became the most popular form because it consumed more books because in this period even the middle classes started to read. An other reason of success of novel was that the writers were in contact with his public because they maintain the interest of the story at high levels because he was omniscient. The setting is the city because it was the symbol of the industrial civilisation. The most important novelists were above all women for example Emily Bronte and George Eliot. The novelists were divided into three groups: the Early-Victorians (Charles Dickens) that have social and humanitarians themes; the Mid-Victorians (Emily Bronte) that have above all influenced by Romantic period; the late-Victorians (Oscar Wilde) that are influenced by Naturalism.


HERMAN MELVILLE - Life and main works. He was born in New York in 1819 into a wealthy family. He left school at the age of twelve for his father’s death and for a difficult financial condition. So at this moment he start to work and took various jobs. In 1841 he made his first voyage on a whaling ship that marked his life and gave inspiration for almost of his novels. His masterpiece his Moby Dick but didn’t give him a great success that came when his died, when was found a manuscript of Billy Budd. Since then he became one of the most important literary voices of American literature.
MOBY DICK - The plot - The story is based on the hunt of a whale called Moby Dick that had bitten off the leg of the Captain Ahab of the whaler “Pequod”. In the crew there are mixes of people.
After 3 days Ahab wounds the whale but Moby Dick destroys the ship and his crew. Only one person survives Ishmael that tells the story.