William Wordsworth

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The Manifesto of English Romanticism
Wordsworth proposed a poetry originating not in the extraordinary but in the ordinary.
His strongest objection to the 18th century poetry was its elevated language, which he called “poetic diction”.
In his Preface he highlighted how the subject of poetry should deal with everyday situations or incidents and with ordinary people.
The language should be simple, because in rural life man is nearer to his own passion.

Conception of Poetry
For Wordsworth, poetry is a form of knowledge based on sensation. In the poem, sensation is transformed in emotions.
The process of poetry-making derives not directly from the emotions, but from a recollection of them in a situation of tranquillity, thanks to the re-creative capacity of the memory.
Wordsworth give a new mean to the word “Imagination”, as a synonym of seeing into reality.
Imagination evoked and sharpened a special intuition insight the poet, which enable him to perceive ordinary situation which common mind usually cannot see.

Man and Nature
Wordsworth is interested in the relationship between the natural world and the human soul, and his poetry shows the complex interaction between man and nature.