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Appunti in inglese su opere, poetica e commento dei seguenti autori: Samuel Beckett, John Osbourne, Jerome David Salinger, Wistan Hugh Auden, Toni Morrison (5 pagine formato doc)

Samuel Beckett Waiting for Godot Godot has a white beard.
Beckett uses a country road because it is common and two tramps because of the meaningless of the human life and the absurdity. Plot When the play begins, Vladimir and Estragon are waiting on a country road for the mysterious Godot, who send a boy to inform them he will come the following day. The two tramps are talking saying nothing relevant, just to fill the silence and to kill the time. They are thinking about separation and even suicide. As opposed to the two tramps, Pozzo and Lucky. Make continuous purposeless journeys to fill their existence. At the end, Godot will never come.
The message of the play is that nothing can be done by human being except waiting. Waiting means making the experience of the flow of the time, While we are waiting to someone who arrive or something to happen, time becomes “the” object of all our thoughts and attention. In this play we understand the Absurd essence of the human condition. Man is trapped in a hostile universe where he is destined to physical and spiritual desegregation and to silence.