Appunti sul Canada in lingua inglese (2 pagine formato docx)

Appunto di theberretta
Canada’s flag shows the official colors of the nation that are red and white like England’s cross of St.

In the flag we can see the maple leaf that it’s the symbol of Canada since the time of the first French settlements.  Canada is the second largest country in the world and it is larger than Europe and its considered one of the best countries to live in. it is an industrial nation, but the 50% of the land is covered in forests and the 8% is covered by lakes and rivers.
Today, 10% of the world forests are in Canada.

 Canada boasts large mineral deposits and big/vast reserves of oil and natural gas. The most important industries of the north are forestry and mining but in the south we can see growing a lot of crops like/such as wheat, apples, and potatoes. Canada is the first exporter of fish and fourth larger exporter of agricultural products. Its main industries are forestry, mining, agriculture, fishing, oil, cattle breeding, manufacturing and tourism.  Canada is a confederation which includes ten provinces and three territories. They feature/ show a great variety of landscapes like mountains, lakes, rivers, plains, forests, grasslands, hard rock and wetland. The larger cities are near the southern border and here live the most part of Canadians.  Canada is a member of the commonwealth and the head of the state is the British monarch represented by the governor general. Canada is a parliamentary democracy with two houses: 
- The senate with 104 members appointed by the prime minister
- The house of commons with 295 members elected every 4 years

The head of the government is the Prime Minister and each province and territory has its own government responsible for education, health care, transport etc. Chateau Laurier in Ottawa is the seat of the federal government. Ottawa is Canada’s leader in high-tech industry.