1984 & Animal farm

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Note in inglese sulle due opere più celebri di George Orwell (1 pagine formato pdf)


The 1984's world is divided: Eustasia, Eurasia, Oceania (totalitarian governments) in war.
Britain (Oceania) is called Airstrip One, dominated by Big Brother (the Ingsoc, English socialism), controlled by Thought police (target: destroy ideas and emotions). The Big Brother is on the streets
with big photos and at home with telecameras: children are encouraged to denounce their parents.

The protagonist, Winston (as Churchill, the last defender of Europe in World War II) “rewrite” history: he changes events on newspapers and books. He's an intellectual member of Outer Party (Inner Party was the most influential) and he wants to rebel to his work and he dreams a new politic (he joins a secret society against the power and he loves Julia) but in the end he is arrested.

DYSTOPIAN NOVEL: finctional society (usually in the future) where the life is bad with deprivation, oppression, terror.
Ofter there is the governement that incourage the poor life and influence the people. Dystopian novel are written as warnings, or satire of actual society. The novel has got something familiary where the readers can identify (more interest)

COMMON TRAITS OF DYSTOPIA: hierarchical society=division between classes is fixed, the middle class is poorer than today
-a state ruled by an upper class with some democratic ideas
-state propaganda programs=speakers, tvs, children singing, repetitions of words, newspapers
-strict conformity=individuality are bad (no name, same clothes, no relaxionship), no true life
-the chief=adored by people
-world outside=people are scared of it
-penal system=with phsycological (room 101) and physical torture