Descrizione in inglese sul concetto di pubblicità (2 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di studentechiara
What is advertising? Advertisements can be used to give Information, to persuade New customers to buy new products, Or to remind existing customers about the product.
What types of advertising do exist? There exist three kinds of advertising: 1. Informative advertising – used to give potential customers details about the new product. In this type of advertising there are many pictures of the product and it also encloses some details like where the product can be bought and its price. 2. Persuasive advertising – this type of advertising is more emotional than the informative advertising. Companies use this type of advertising when they want to compete with the products of rival Companies.
3. Reminder advertising – it is made to remind existing clients about a determinate kind of products. Companies use this type of advertising to revive their products, and the importance to use them. How do Companies choose their type of advertising? A company that wants to design an advertisement first selects the objective it wants to achieve. It decides whether the purpose of advertisement is to inform, to persuade or to remind its products.