La novella

Testo in inglese sulla novella, Defoe e il mito del 'natural man' (1 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di artureduard
In 18th century in England arrived a new genere called Novel(it is different to romanzo, roman, romancio).
The word ‘novel’ has a Latin origin(novus) and told new and original, not traditional, stories. The firs graet writers were Defoe, Richardson, Fielding and their stories didn’t tell about classical or Christian mytology, epic, history and Bibble. The plots of their novels are taken instead from incidents at that time quite common. In opposition with Middle Ages and Reinassance, 18th century’s novels were realistic. The modern idea of realism is reflected in the fact unlike previous fiction, novels deal with recognizably contemporary objects, language and situation (not with extraordinary, fantastic or magical events told in rafined language). The lenguage of the novel is plain, factual, similar to the lenguage of newspapers and magazines.
The novel’s main features are: - chronological sequence of events; - a great stress on contemporaty reality; - abdunance of realistic details; - the novelty of the stories.