Robinson Crusoe di Defoe

Documento in lingua inglese sul romanzo di Defoe: trama, concetto di società e individuo, nuova classe sociale, stile, interpretazione (2 pagine formato doc)

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Structure of the novels

Defoe's kind of writing is the realistic novel, which consists in a series of episodes and adventures, narrated as if they were diaries or autobiographies, written by the protagonist, who, in this way, provides details and memories about the story.
Regarding this, it's important to say that the author's point of view coincides with the main character's one. The lack of a coherent plot is due to the fact that Defoe doesn't plan his works or revise them, because they're not intended to be criticised by an audience.

For this reason is considered as the father of the English novel, the representative of a new social class that wanted to see its life portrayed in literature: the ambitious middle class.

Robinson Crusoe

The plot

Robinson Crusoe borns in 1632, from German father and English mother.
At nineteen years old decides to leave his home, with his family and with the comforts of the middle-class life, to travel around the world with the purpose to make his own fortune. He moves to Guinea, then, in his second voyage, he's captured by Moorish pirates, but he tries to escape and he's finally rescued by a Portuguese ship and brought to Brazil. Here he becomes the owner of a plantation, so he decides to go in Africa to find more slaves for his property. During this travel he's shipwreck on a desert island, where he remains for twenty-eight years. Here he starts writing a diary, where he records his experiences and exposes his thinks and ideas.