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THE UNITED KINGDOM THE UNITED KINGDOM The United Kingdom, is composed from: England, Scotland, Galles and North Ireland.
His capital is London, His religion is protestant, his money is the pounds and his language is English. It is a Costitutional Monarchy, where the queen is the Head of the State, she is the symbol of the country and she represent the unity of the nation . The present queen is Elisabeth II , whose official residence in London is Buckingam Palace. The united Kingdom, is a Parlamentary Democracy, it consist of two branchies: the house of Commons and the house of Lords.. The Prime Minister is Tony Blair, he is the head of the Governement, and he is leader of the Labour Party.
In United Kingdom, there are two political parties: the Labour Party and the Conservative one. The United Kingdom borders with : North Atlantic Ocean, East with North Sea, at West with the Irish Sea, and at South with English Channel. The rivers are rich of water and the most important are: the Thames and the Severn. Tipical is the fog and the rain. London, is a big metropolis, with Parks, Historical monuments and prestigious Museums. Other famous city are Manchester and Liverpool. The United Kingdom is among the nation more industrialized in the world, and it is famous for the productions of beer and excellent Scottish whisky. The houses of parliament consists Of two house: the Houses of lords and the Houses of Commons. Big Ben is the name of the bell inside St. Stephen's Clock Tower. Westminster Abbey There are the tombs of many English Kings and queens here. The British Museum is one of the largest museums It has collections of antiquities from every corner of the world. Buckingham Palace is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II. Every day thousands of tourists come to see the Changing of the Guard. Trafalgar Square has in the centre a column with statue of Lord Horatio Nelson. The River Thames runs through London. You can take a boat trip and visit Greenwich to the East and Windsor Castle. The Tower of London was used for many things in the past: a fortress, a palace, a Mint and a prison. Now it is a museum.