Charles Dickens

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Charles Dickens
Dickens was born in south England, in 1812.
He wrote a lot of novels like “Oliver Twist”, “David Copperfield”, “Great Expectation”, “Nicholas Nickleby”. He was inspired by his own personal experience: in fact, he was obliged to leave school and work. He had to earn money when young (he worked in a blacking factory) because his dad had economic problems for a period, though he belonged to the middle class of that time. 

Then Dickens came back to school, a very strict school. Unfortunately, he had to leave school again, but, however, he read a lot.
He became a journalist and then, later, a novelist. He wrote on magazines and newspapers, but became famous by writing novels. 
His novels are about Dickens’s personal experiences, about the difficult situation of the working class of his times (Oliver Twist), but every story has a happy ending. His novels are characterized by realistic details and by an omniscient narrator who makes comments. Besides, his novels were very long, ‘cause written in episodes. 

Dickens’s characters are always symbolical ones: e.g. in “Christmas Carol”, Scrooge, the main character, is a greedy man, and because of that his name has become synonym of stingy.