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Presentazione in pps in inglese sull'importante tragedia di Shakespeare con analisi dei vari personaggi e riferimenti all'opera di Giuseppe Verdi (22 pagine formato pps)

Concerning Macbeth

“Macbeth” is the shortest of Shakespeare’s tragedies.
In its simplest terms a tragedy is usually a play with an unhappy ending which is simple and direct in its plot but complex in its psychological analysis of its characters.
In all of Shakespeare’s dramas we often find the eternal battle between good and evil features; in particular in Macbeth we find the presence of a hostile fate in the figures of the three witches.


The settings of Shakespeare's plays generally come more from the dramatic needs of the story than from any literal sense of the place.
Macbeth is no exception.

In fact the majority of the open places are characterized by the presence of bad weather, fog, night and the darkness, all elements associated with corruption,violence and murder.
 Most of the action takes place in Scotland(or un England but briefly. There are at least two reasons:
1. Shakespeare invented the plot of Macbeth by combining several stories out of Scottish history he found in Holinshed's Chronicles;
2. James I, who was King of England when the play was written, was a Scot.
The setting  in which Macbeth has a conversation with the witches is desert open place with no trees, no houses,no people, but the rest of the story is mostly located in the court of Macbeth’s castle or in the country outside the castle.
The time of the story is the Middle Ages specifically the eleventh century.