Christopher Marlowe

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Vita e opere (in inglese) del poeta e drammaturgo inglese vissuto nel XVI secolo (2 pagine formato doc)


Early years - Christopher Marlowe was born in Canterbury in 1564, the son of a prosperous shoemarker.

Education - He was an exceptional student and when he was fifteen he was awarded a scholarship to King's School in Canterbury, one of the oldest schools in Britain.
He continued his studies at Cambridge University, where he took his Bachelor of Arts in 1583. Three years later he received his Master of Arts degree in spite of opposition by the University authorities, who suspected him of converting to Roman Catholicism during a secret journey to Rheims, Frances, the centre of Catholic sentiment. Marlowe at this time was problably working for the government in Her Majesty's Secret Service, spying on Catholic conspirators, so the government authorities intervened on his behalf and the degree was granted.

University wits - He moved to London, where he met other graduates who were involved in the literary life of London.
Together they formed a circle of young writers know as the "University Wits".

Plays - From 1587 to 1593 he wrote and produced his four great plays: Tamburlaine Parts I and II, The Jew of Malta, Edward the Second and Doctor Faustus. He was the first English playwright to use blank verse and to write genuine tragedy. His works were highly successful and had a major influence on other playwrithers of the period including Shakespeare.

Tragic death - Marlowe's death was mysterious; he was stabbed to death on May 30, 1593 in a tavern brawl. It is widely believed that he was deliberately assassinated for political reasons.