Emily Bronte

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Emily was born in 1818 and she was a children of an Anglican clergyman.
She lived an isolated life in yorkshire moors with her brothers,because of the death of their mother after sister’sbirth; so they were self educated. In 1839 emily travelled to Brussels with her sister to study at Pensionnat Heger,where Emily came into contact with German Romantic philosophy and art. In 1846 they published “Poems of Currer,Ellis and Acton Bell” under pseudonyms. Emily under the pen of Ellis Bell published “wuthering heights”.
Wuthering heights was not immediately successful; because the contemporary readers were disappointed by the lack of moral purpose and shocked by the inhuman and cruel details,by the hatred and revenge pervading the story. Basic human emotions are presented in a state of purity and concentration.
The spirit of romanticism and its concern with the human soul are still presented in correspondence between violent passions of the characters and the wild natural landscape. The hero,heathcliff, is described as a sort of “byronic hero”, moved by irresistible passion doomed to the despair of a solitary life and finally tending to a total identity with his love,Catherine. Gothic elements are present to convey the struggle between the two opposing principles of love and hate, of order and chaos.
The novel is built around the contrast between the two house where the action takes place: Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. The first reflect the nature of Heathcliff who owns it: severe, gloomy, and brutal in aspect and atmosphere, firmly rooted in local tradition and custom, it is the appropriate background for the life of unrestrained and primitive passion led by its owner.