Lord of the flies

Temi importanti del racconto e descrizione dei personaggi (3 pagine formato doc)

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Island: Golding purposefully picked an island to be the landing place of the crashed plane because an island is isolated from the rest of society Island: Golding purposefully picked an island to be the landing place of the crashed plane because an island is isolated from the rest of society.
The boys have no contact with the outside world and must look to themselves to solve the problems of their own micro-society. In this way, the island, which symbolizes isolation, serves as a perfect backdrop for the frailties of human nature which eventually surface. NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR PROBABLY COME OUT IN THAT CONDITIONS.
Conch: The conch shell symbolizes the law and order of the old adult world which Piggy tries so desperately to protect. The conch represents all the authority which the boys are so used to obeying. When Jack destroys the conch, anarchy quickly ensues because any hope of strong, central leadership has been abandoned. The island society collapses into chaos. Facepaint: This is the excuse many of the boys use for living as hunting savages, instead of civilized English citizens. The paint symbolizes the smoke-screen the beast uses to infiltrate the boys' souls. Fire/Smoke: The smoke of the signal fire symbolizes the last best hope of the boys being rescued. To Piggy and Ralph, the fire represents the moral influence of their old life in England. When the fire goes out, Ralph loses his bearings, unsure of his next move. The fire is diatonically opposed to hunting, the activity of anarchy on the island. Glasses: The glasses symbolize the voice of reason and logic among the boys. Piggy defends his glasses even more than the conch. Piggy, who represents the superego of the boys' (and society's) collective personality, uses his glasses to find solutions to the boys' problems. The most important solution the glasses find is the lighting of the fire, the boys' best chance of being rescued. Beast: The beast, the Lord of the Flies, is seen as a real object on the island which frightens the boys. Actually the beast is something internal; the Lord of the Flies is in soul and mind of the boys, leading them to the natural chaos of a society with no reasoning adults. Only Simon understands what the real beast is, but is killed when he tries to tell the boys about the Lord of the Flies. The man is victim of his own nature (NEGATIVE & PESSIMISTIC) --- THE SECOND WORDL WAR(atomic bomb)-- concentration camp, the nation decide to kill many people with handicap and Golding don't believe in the man, he think the man was ill (original sin)… between bible and book? EDEN--represents the island(fruits everywhere, colour reef, beautiful landscape, good weather) PEACE>VIOLENCE 1.in the first fire dead a little child (survival like violence) 2.jack transformed the choir into hunting team 3.hunter created many sharpened sticks 4.civilizazion full apart and it's shown when hunters kill the sown, and puts it's head on a sticks to offer on the beast THERE ARE A SYMBOLI