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Marketing: is the process of identifying customers' needs and satisfying those needs at a profit.

Successful marketing means: right product, place, price, package, promotion.

Marketing involves identifying a business opportunity in the market;understarding the nedds and demands of the potential customers.

Market Research: is the process of collecting and analysing information about consumers' preferences for goods and services; three categories:

Desk research uses data which has already been collected: government statistics, trade journals, information from competitors (price lists, brochures,etc.)

Field research involves collecting new data through, for example, surveys, questionnaires, interviews,etc.

Electronic research uses technology to provide instant field research.(Market research helps a company in its decision-making process,and has limitations, market change very quickly and people do not always tell the truth or may change their minds.

Market segmentation: a market contains all the customers or businesses that might be interested in a product. Most companies subdivide the market into groups or segments that have similar characyeristics.(demographics:age,gender,income,race; geographics:geographical locations such as regions, cities; psychographics: attitudes, interests,activities, opinions and lifestyles).

Marketing mix: all the activities associated with marketing, they are usually summarised as the 4P's: product: researching, designing and developing the product; price choosing the right price to sell profitably; promotion persuading the customers to buy; place making the product available at the right place and time.