Ode to the west wind

Analisi della poesia di Shelley: "Ode to the west wind" (in lingua inglese) e analisi comparata con altre poesie italiane (7 pagine formato docx)

Appunto di astreaish
In Autumn, the West Wind blows; it destroys the dead leaves and preserves the seeds to grow in the Spring.
The West Wind is full of violent thunder storms. The West Wind, which has been calm in the Mediterranean, starts to move and disturb the deep Atlantic.

The poet wishes that he had the freedom like the wind to rise above worldly cares and fulfill his spiritual qualities. The poet asks for union with the Wind so that his message can be carried with the same power.
2) The first three stanzas end with the invocation of the Wind and the repetition of "hear oh hear!"

  1- The poet would like to be a dead leaf or a swift cloud, a wave...so that he could be the Wind's comrade as he says in line 49.

  2- The poet's regrets that he is not a natural element, as the waves or the clouds, because he is not able to share the power of the Wind.