Pride and Prejudice

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Marriage analyzed from different points of view is one of the main themes.
it can offer security and indipendece(Charlotte ans Mr Collins); arising out of physical infatuation(Lydia and Wickham) or it can be the crowning of love(Jane and Elisabeth) and Austen views love as something independent of these social forces, able to escape the warping effects of hierarchical society. other concern is that of good manners, civility and the related questions of social standing.

From Fielding she derived the omniscent narrator, the free indirect speech and the importance of dialogs, almost always full of irony; by using third-person narration which adopts the tone and vocabulary of a particular character (in this case, that of Elizabeth), Austen invites the reader to follow events from Elizabeth's viewpoint, sharing her prejudices and misapprehensions.
  Forster identify 2 kinds of characters: flat characters are static, are built around a single phsycological quality and they play a supporting role to the main character, are used to create a particular atmosphere inside a complex narrative frame. Round characters instead are complex and undergo development; their personality is modified by experience and they're more similar to real human.
an example are Darcy and