Frankenstein: analisi in inglese

Analisi in inglese di "Frankenstein" di Mary Shelley: l'atmosfera, la creazione, la critica sociale, il Prometeo moderno e la struttura (3 pagine formato doc)

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Frankenstein di Mary Shelley: analisi - The atmosphere of the novel. 

predominant atmosphere: the predominant atmosphere is gothic, in which there are moments of suspense and danger where the reader has the feeling that something dramatic can suddenly happen. (horror scenesïÃ?Æ?  the birth of William and death of the mother. The killing of Elizabeth. The moment in which the doctor collects the dead parties of bodies). The weather conditions are often bad, there is the rain and the air is cold.

b. the scenery: sublime. – the meeting on the mountains: the landscape is huge. – at the beginning, Frankenstein goes on the mountain with Elizabeth, his brother….ecc…. to do experiments on electricity. – when the creature finds in the nature a sense of quietness compared with the negative situations he has with the other people.
c. the symbolism of light and darkness. The lights are half-extinguished and this sense of darkness contributes to increase the sense of fear and horror. The most important events happen in night. We have light only when Victor is a little child, when he spends time with his family because light means happiness and serenity. Instead dark means fear, horror, unhappiness, confusion, chaos.


Frankenstein and his creature.
a. The alter–ego motif: “I was the part you left out” (creature)
“I will have revenge” (creature)
“Did you ever consider the consequences of your gesture: give me life and then let me die”
“You gave me these emotions but you didn’t tell me how to use them”
“For the sympathy of one living being I would make peace with all”
the monster is Frankenstein’s double, his alter-ego. Their personality is very similar and we can say that they’re complementary to each other. The monster is a part of Frankenstein, the result of his insatisfaction, of his sufferance after the death of his mother. Frankenstein, in fact, is unable to find a replacement for his mother and he tries to infuse life in an inanimate body but the result is terrible. When Frankenstein sees how ugly the creature is, he abandons him.

Frankenstein: riassunto in inglese della storia di Shelley


The monster’s isolation is the cause of his discontent, the same discontent which feels Victor when his mother died.
The creature is the irrational side of Dr. Frankenstein, his hidden and deep thoughts. They’re complementary and he mirrors Victor’s ambitions. In fact, unconsciously he hated his brother (because he had been the cause of his mother’s death) and also Elizabeth (she was an orphan. When she arrives in Victor’s family she breaks the privileged relationship between him and his mother ). Instead, Justin is an indirect victim of Victor’s cowardice.
This theme of the double was very common in Britain.