Pride and Prejudice

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Napoleon period → most important fact of the novel: a man changes his manners + a young lady changes her mind → soldiers: marginal role → small section of society almost timeless – brought together: •Richardson's minute description of daily life + theme of marriage •Fieldings' comic and more objective approach to human events •Defoe's interest in social and moral problems of the age – drama of recognition (e.g.
Oedipus, King Lear, Phedre)
•ELIZABETH: -energy + intelligence -treats impressions as insights → too quick observation of Darcy -upper-middle class woman not yet 21 -attractive but not extremely beautiful -lovely eyes which show intelligence and personality -sees humor in people and events -can laugh at herself -independence: most appealing characteristic → judges things for herself -sharp-tongued + capable of teasing and challenging people (e.g. calmly stands up Mrs Bennet over Collins' proposal) -emotional: great affection for jane + concerned with Lydia and Kitty + warm relationship with her father + exasperated by her mother + firm friend with Charlotte + responds warmly to Georgiana's shyness -laugh at whatever she cannot accept (e.g.
mocks Darcy and cannot see the real man) -main fault: prejudice → judges based on appearance (e.g. original dislike of Darcy justified → immediately believes Wickham's accusations, fascinated by him and believes that because of his appearance he's telling the truth → considered to be prejudiced Jane, Mrs Gardner and Caroline Bingley who offer her evidence) -guilt of the same pride of Darcy → Darcy's letter opens her eyes → from this moment she tries to see things clearly and without pride, realizes she's affected by pride and prejudice