The Anglo-Saxons

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When at the beginning of 5th century the Romans left Britain, the Celts were unprotected.
So Celts were an easy prey. After 5th century new people started to invade the island and we can distingue 3 tribes that went on the island:
-Angles (From north Europe-today Denmark, and they settled and occupied all the north and the middle of island)
-Saxons (They came from north Germany)
-Jutes (They came from Belgium)

The invasions started from the eastern coast of Britain. Angles were from actual Denmark and Sweden and the occupied the northern and the central part of Britain.
Then there is the invasion by Saxon and Jutes. At the beginning we have 7 kingdoms and so the territory was divided in 7 parts. The kingdoms were:
Kingdoms of Angles – East Anglia, North Umbria and Mercia
Kingdoms of Saxons – Essex, Sussex and Wessex
Kingdom of Jutes – Kent
At the beginning these kingdoms were always in war. But then Wessex won this battle. When the Anglosaxons went from east, Celts were beat because they couldn’t defend themselves. They were under the Roman domination for a long time and they forgot to fight, because they were protected by Romans and so they didn’t need to be in war with anybody.
After the Anglo-Saxon invasion, some of them moved to the mountains of Wales or Scotland.
As it happened for Romans, Celts and Iberians, it is easy today understand, where were Anglo-Saxons from and witch parts they settled.